12 Hours in Toronto

We spent a little time in Toronto today, and discovered some new things. Goes to show, Toronto does not = only a trip to IKEA (even if we did stop there too.) My top “new” favourites:

1. Type Books (http://typebooks.ca/)
A really great collection of interesting and fascinating books, with a heavy-duty emphasis on aesthetically pleasing books, and art/architecture/design books. Friendly service, and great atmosphere.

2. Preloved (http://preloved.ca/)
Übercool concept. Preloved is chock-full of all sorts of interesting pieces of clothing, all made from pieces of vintage clothing. Some cool stuff for the home too. A great idea, amazingly executed.

3. The Paper Place (http://thepaperplace.ca/)
An exquisite collection of fine Japanese paper and an exciting collection of colorful paper products, along with a strong supporting cast of paper-related merchandise all served up in a boisterous atmosphere. Remember, bring a BIG plastic bag with you to take-away your new treasures.

4. STACK (http://www.stackcanada.com/)
An interesting collection of interesting stuff for the home. I especially liked the cool gel-pack that looked like an IV bag.

5. Dufflet (http://dufflet.com/home.asp)
Toronto has no shortage of cool coffee joints, but this place is really more a fine bakery that serves fine hot beverages.

6. Sydney’s (http://www.torontolife.com/guide/fashion/for-men-and-women/sydneys/)
A store with only black, white, and grey wardrobe items. What could be better? Luxurious fabrics on offer mingled among curiosities, this store is bound to become a quick favourite.

7. Commute Home (http://commutehome.com/)
I fell in love with this store, which is brimming with amazing architectural artifacts, reclaimed found objects repurposed in amazing ways, and all kinds of exquisite eye candy. Also check out their blog at: http://www.commutehomeinc.blogspot.com/

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