$5 Off at Poshmark

As much as I am a minimalist, I love to buy things. Recently, I read Mari Kondo’s books The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Spark Joy. While I can’t say that either book changed my life, they were thoughtful reminders that I have too much stuff. Even when I don’t have a lot of stuff, I still have too much. So I embarked on a tidying spree.

That yielded piles of stuff. The piles fell into 4 big categories:

  1. Stuff I really wanted to keep.
  2. Trash.
  3. Stuff that was brand (or nearly) new and that I regretted buying.
  4. Stuff that was used that I didn’t want, but still had some useful life.

I kept streamlining and cleaned out my attic, my closet, my basement, my car, the airstream, my kitchen, and next, I will tackle my office.

  1. The stuff I wanted to keep now has a comfy home.
  2. The trash is gone.
  3. The stuff I didn’t want, I donated to friends or organizations that can use it.
  4. The brand new stuff… is sitting around. Kondo doesn’t really tell you what to do with it, because it’s not serving me, but is way too good to toss.

So, enter Poshmark.

My friend mentioned it in passing to me one day recently, and I was intrigued. I hate selling things to people (because it involves, well, people.) But Poshmark is a great way to unload some decent stuff, easily, and recoup some of your bad decision-making losses. It’s easier than eBay (which I H A T E), and it’s a friendly site with a lot of energy. When you have a moment, check it out: <https://bnc.lt/focc/i2QTSMkC6H>. Use the code: ALEXBITTERMAN to get $5 off your first order! Just in time for the holidays!

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