6 pack and snow

About 30 years ago, the then mayor of Buffalo, Jimmy Griffin, said to the media, that when snow hits Buffalo, the best thing to do is get a six-pack and wait it out.  He was ridiculed in the national press for appearing incapable and unprepared.  He was ridiculed in the local press because everyone here knows a six-pack doesn’t last more than an hour on a snowy night.

Every winter, Buffalo gets socked with a winter storm or two, and truth be told, that’s about it, we rarely get much more snow than most of our Great Lakes sister and brother cities, but when we get it, we get it.  This seems to be that weekend, and Mayor Griffin’s advice has never been more helpful — especially considering that our new Mayor, Byron Brown can’t seem to keep the streets cleared.  We’ve had more than a foot of snow in three days, and as of this writing, my street, and many streets in my neighborhood still haven’t seen a plow.  Typical of the new Mayor, he instituted (to much fanfare) a 311 “one stop” line for Buffalo residents to call for questions and answers — and to complain about unplowed streets. However, in VERY typical Brownian fashion, the line is closed for the weekend, and closed early on Friday because of bad weather.  Calls to the Mayor’s office are forwarded to the 311 service.  Nice.  I’m glad to see that my tax money was used to pay for something that works, as clearly, the plows aren’t.

About a month ago, The New York Times ran an article about Buffalo and our rich architectural heritage.  Fine piece, that highlighted a few of the better-known architectural gems of the area (and ignored many more of the more gritty and less tourist-friendly.)  You can read the full text of the article at NYT.com, or click here.

As I was trudging through the unplowed streets and toward the curiously pristine and cleanly-plowed sidewalks on Elmwood Avenue this morning (thanks, Elmwood Village Association), I snapped a few images of my neighborhood — one to contrast some of the images shown in The New York Times article, two, to show Byron that our streets still aren’t plowed, and three, to celebrate one of the several days we get in Buffalo each year to kick back with a case or two, and just watch the snow fly.  Enjoy!

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