A Vision of Students Today.

This is an excellent short video produced by Prof. Michael Wesch and his students. The statistics presented come from research his students completed in his course. I’m curious to know how my current and former students feel about this video. Is it accurate? Is it true? What can be done better? Is it all hype? Comment below!

One thought on “A Vision of Students Today.”

  1. I think much of this depends on each class, each student and each professor. First, the type of class affects it. The general statistics look like they would apply to any freshman , 101 lecture class. Right on the dot. However, in my course of study (Studio Arts) this was less so, since classes were small, teaching styles were more hands on. Seminar classes also help alleviate these scenarios. Second, many students strive to do well and pay attention and focus when in class. I did. Hey, I’m not going to waste the tens of thousands dollars I am going to have to pay for 30 years. I don;t think it wold be going out on a limb to say many/most student are going to university because that what you do after high school and also have their parents paying for it. Lastly, even in circumstances that placed me in lareg classes of freshman level class that covered not so interesting content, I’ve had a few professors that made it interesting, engaging and made all the difference. They made it relevant and memorable. (Wow, long post. Sorry.)
    – William W.

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