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Again, I find myself preaching about airlines! It is simply an outrage that more progress hasn’t been made on the Air France flight 447 disaster. For all we know—people and goddamnit a fucking plane—could still be floating around in the Atlantic somewhere. When I watch the film Titanic, I’m fascinated at how this huge ship could break apart in the ocean. I’m more fascinated that considering that it happened nearly 100 years ago, that the emergency rescue effort was so swift.

How far we’ve come in that hundred years, cell phones, the internet, television, radio, satellites, GPS, Facebook, Twitter, I mean, we are one wired and wireless world. It’s just amazing.

It’s eerily uncanny to me that allegedly, this plane failed and broke up. Therefore, we can assume everyone is dead. Hello? Is everyone INSANE?! Here we have a multimillion dollar/pound/euro piece of machinery. It’s a machine. Machines break, but until we know exactly what happened, we have to assume the best, and not believe the bullshit that some automated computer radioed back to Air France headquarters when no one was looking, or more precisely, when no one really cared. That’s what our grandparents generation would have called “asleep at the switch.” Who knows, maybe the plane did go down, maybe there are survivors, we shouldn’t draw hasty conclusions because of some automated messages that a broken machine sent forward.

I hate flying across the Atlantic. Flying to Europe always happens at night, and when you glance out the window, it’s a dark, cold abyss outside the window. On my trans-Atlantic flights, I often daydream about the horrific “what if” the plane went down? We’d be drifting in the Atlantic, in little yellow life vest, panickedly blowing into the little red tubes on the shoulder, grasping to our seat cushions for safety… if we were smart enough to take them along (you too may have observed that no one on the ill-fated US Airways flight that ditched in the Hudson did)… all this while some techno-savvy controller in some far-away operations center finds our exact location using sophisticated technology that tracks their multimillion dollar piece of equipment, whilst every seafaring vessel in the area makes great haste to get to us survivors before we die of hypothermia. All very Titanic-like.

Only wait… it’s been almost a week. Only 6 ships have made it out to sea to look for our fellow Air France passengers. It’s taken them a long time to get there. There isn’t any controller in a sophisticated operations center, and there is no technology that can track an exact location. Though the technology exists (it’s in my cell phone, my iPod, and my GPS) no one has yet mandated that it be installed in aircraft. Critics claim that the costs are too high. Well I can certainly underst… Excuse me? How high can the fucking cost be? If every aircraft worth it’s salt can pipe in live tv, streaming internet, and phone why the hell can’t it broadcast a telemetric info beacon every few seconds.



it’d take less bandwidth than that.

It’s positively shameful that multibillion dollar corporations can invest tens of millions of dollars to research and develop lightweight pallets for cargo transport, but can’t invest a couple thousand to install a GPS device for each plane. So what if no one has yet told them to do it. It’s unconscionable that any airline CEO or COO can sleep knowing that he has made the choice to profit from our peril.

Again folks: I urge you. Vote with your wallet. Demand that airlines consider our safety first. It’s your life, and you only get one of them. Don’t trust it to some corporate profiteer.

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