Bar Board

When I purchased my Airstream, the previous owner included a white plastic cover on the kitchen sink that could be used as a cutting board. For some reason, I didn’t really like it. I don’t love the idea of cutting my food on plastic and I felt like the entire setup was disaster waiting to happen should I ever accidentally turn on the water with the board in place.

So, for some time, I used a hand-me-down Ikea cutting board (that very conveniently slipped between the banquette and the refrigerator. I still have it tucked away there, but I often found that dragging out the cutting board was inconvenient and overkill to say, slice an apple.

So, I went in search of a “tiny” cutting board for my tiny home. I learned about something called a “bar board” which is, in fact, a tiny cutting board used by bartenders to slice lemons and limes. I found a bamboo one at Ikea for about $8.00, but there are hundreds out there, I saw a bunch at TJMaxx and Marshalls the other day. They get the job done and are easy to rinse in the small kitchen sink in my Airstream. I’d add this to the list of things that are “must haves” for most ‘streamers.

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