I ran across this great blog a while back about a woman who lost 30lbs by eating a bento lunch each day. Now, I should say that the food service on my campus is unparalleled and the quality and variety of what is served is consistently outstanding. Which, for me posed a problem. In my first year, I gained about 30lbs because I just couldn’t pass up a plate of fries and the outstanding soft serve chocolate ice cream.

Until I started my bento box lunch.

First, the bento is really satisfying, and very healthy. As I learned from the site, there’s a method to filling the bento, and it’s centered around not only nutrition but also aesthetics.

I like that the form factor of my bento box is similar to the form factor of my Airstream, and that it keeps my lunch separate, organized, and portable until it’s time to eat it.

Bentgo bento box

I am using the Bentgo grey, which I picked up (of course) at Marshalls for $7.99. I like the Bentgo brand because they are BPA-free made from EU food-safety authority approved all food grade materials. The top container nests inside the bottom one for compact & easy storage, and includes built-in plastic silverware (fork, knife and spoon) with room for a packet of gluten free soy sauce and travel chop sticks.

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