Bodies. Ugh. While in New York the past few week…


Ugh. While in New York the past few weeks, I keep running across promos (on telephone booths, busses, posters on scaffolding, on TV, and little pamphlets in the hotel) for the Bodies exhibition at the South Street Seaport Exhibition site. Out of truly morbid curiousity, I made the 40-block trip to see the exhibition on Saturday morning, but when I arrived, the line was WAY too long — about 400 people in line. So I opted to skip it.

I returned yesterday (Thursday, no crowd) to see the exhibit.

You know how sometimes, before you enter a place, your gut tells you that it’s a bad idea? Well, my gut was telling me that this was a REALLY bad idea — bad energy — but I went anyhow.

After about 3 minutes, I was actually sick to my stomach. Now, interestingly, I don’t fancy myself a weak stomached person, but nonetheless, after looking at various structures of the human body dissected with painstaking detail (e.g., the entire nervous system), and tissue that reminded me of the meat I ate as a kid (it’s amazing how much glutes resemble “daisy” ham) I really just couldn’t deal with it anymore, so I started to hightail it to the exit.

The snaking exhibit went on and on, and it was like being stuck in a nightmare. Weirdly, I think most folks viewed the corpses on exhbit as if they were looking at a ’52 ford, or a new television set. Didn’t it occur to these folks that these are actually people?

In any case, after dashing thorugh the respitory system, the digestive system (where my hypochondria kicked in to overdrive), and past the aborted fetuses, I was finally out.

All this, only to find out that the bodies from the exhibition likely came from a concentration camp in China. (See, my gut was right, bad enegy…)

Suffice it to say, with the $25 it would cost you for the Bodies exhibit, I’d recommend you skip it, and enjoy a light dinner or a manicure instead, or better yet, donate the $25 to an organization like Amnesty International to help folks like those who wound up on display.

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