Buh-bye Blockbuster.

I’ve never liked Blockbuster, so I finally got the muster to dump them for good.  When I was younger, we had a local chain in Buffalo called Video Factory — it was great.  They had a HUGE selection of VHS and Beta tapes, that rented for $1.99 or .99¢ depending on whether they were new release or not.  In the mid 90s, Blockbuster bought them out, and overnight the selection was cut, and prices climbed to over $3.00 per rental.  I swore then that I was done.But I wasn’t.  I kept renting.  I traveled alot then, as I do now, and often Blockbuster was the only option for rentals.  Oddly I had accrued a wallet full of Blockbuster account cards, because though there was a Blockbuster on every corner, their computer system was not linked from store to store, so I had cards for stores from Boston to New York to DC, and then about 20 for Blockbuster stores in my local neighborhoods in Western New York.  Even more strangely, Blockbuster only very recently (within the last year) changed this, so that one card — or one account — will work across all stores in the chain. In any case, as I became more mobile, Blockbuster became increasingly less convenient.  I’d rent a film in Buffalo with the intention of watching it there, and then something would come up, and I wouldn’t get around to watching it.  So I’d bring it to Rochester to watch, and then be stuck with it for a week until I could return it in Buffalo.  The absurdity of not being able to return a film rented at one Blockbuster to another Blockbuster is, well, absurd.  If it’s something my local library could figure out in 1974, it’s something that Blockbuster should be able to figure out today. The last straw came when Blockbuster changed their pricing strategy at the beginning of this year. I rented 2 videos on New Year’s Eve.  By January 2nd, I was getting calls from Blockbuster about returning the videos.  Not cool.So, I dumped Blockbuster for good.  I’m now an Netflix person, and I love it.  All the things I hated about Blockbuster are remedied by Netflix.  I’ll keep you posted on how much I like it. 

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