Buy Nothing Thermometer

One of the very first things I bought for the Airstream was a digital indoor/outdoor thermometer made by Oregon Scientific. The unit was solar powered and corresponded with a little remote box that I kept outside under the trailer.

After about a year the little remote box stopped speaking to the base station, so I replaced the batteries and eventually I replaced the remote box. No luck.

The Oregon Scintific thermometer was nice because it gave accurate indoor and outdoor temperatures as well as the indoor relative humidity. Little did I know when I purchased the unit that these seemingly simple things are rarely found on a base unit.

I auditioned several replacements (in the waning days of my Amazon Prime subscription, which considering how much I used it, I can’t believe I never give it a second thought anymore).

After being without a functioning indoor/outdoor thermometer for a few months, I ran across this old one in my attic. I have had it forever and have never replaced the battery a single time. So, problem solved. And ironically it provides indoor and outdoor temps along with indoor humidity! Best of all, it didn’t cost a dime.

The unit fit perfectly over the range good and blends in nicely.

IMG_5729 (1)

IMG_5731 (1)


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