Cancel my subscription, I’m sick of your issues.


When ReadyMade magazine came out, I was psyched.  Finally a magazine that celebrated creativity AND sustainability AND is well designed.

About a year or so ago, I subscribed to ReadyMade, I checked “Bill me later” on the subscription form, and eagerly awaited my first copy.  It never arrived.  Neither did a bill.  I phoned the customer service number on the ReadyMade site, and the operator promised to send out my first copy and a bill.  It never arrived.

Fool me once, shame on you.

So this past February, I received an offer in the mail to subscribe to 18 issues of ReadyMade for $19.95. Like an idiot, I sent a check back with my subscription form.  A fool, I am, a fool.  The check cleared lightning fast–3 days later (literally)–but guess what?  6 weeks later, still no ReadyMade in my mailbox.  There have been two copies on the news stand since I sent in my check.  

So today I phoned the customer “service” line again.  After 3 attempts, I finally got though to a representative named Brenda.  She was angry from the second she picked up the phone.  So like an idiot, I’m sickeningly sweet on the other end of the phone.  The phone call quickly devolved into Brenda yelling (yes yelling) at me that the label hadn’t been printed in time, and that I’d get my first issue “sometime” in July.  

Um, July?  This IS May, isn’t it?  I paid for my subscription in April!  What is this the 1600s?

Fool me twice, shame on me.

I mean, come on, if I’m 3 months behind the curve for Ready Made, I’ll be making coffee tables out of discarded sleds in August and outdoor cabana tents in February.  Now that doesn’t sound too “ready” does it?

Oh wait, and that’s not the best part.  Even though my check cleared on April 3, I’ve received 7 “Past Due” notices.  All mailed after April 12.  Wow.

So here’s my advice:  Clearly the folks at ReadyMade have some house cleaning to do when it comes to subscriptions.  I say, call and cancel your subscription until they get their house in order.  I dumped them like a hot rock today.  Too bad too, because it’s a great mag.

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