Careful what you wish for… quit your bitching….

Careful what you wish for… quit your bitching.

This past weekend, I was in Manhattan — Jet Blue cancelled my flight, and I spent 15 hours on a train to get there. Then, Jet Blue cancelled my return flight on Sunday, so I spent another 8 hours on a train coming home.

Big F*#*(ing deal.

Full disclosure: I’m a Jet Blue shareholder. You know why? Because, Jet Blue is an awesome company that is making the skies a different place to fly. I love them. The problem is, all the Southwest-loving yahoos that have wandered on to Jet Blue have begun to take the airline for granted. It’s always a great schadenfreude moment to watch a big company (like Ford or GM)stumble, and get their ‘due’ …. but you know what? Jet Blue isn’t a huge, cash-hemmoraging, big, bad corporation. It’s a bunch of really hard working people that have been working their asses off for years to change the airline industry — and they’ve been doing a damn good job of it, but this past week they hit a rough patch, so cut them some slack. You wouldn’t laugh at a friend that slipped on ice, you’d feel bad, and help out.

To Jet Blue haters out there: stay home, lay on the couch, and drink beer and eat chips. To the rest of the traveling world, step up, and appreciate what a great airline Jet Blue is, and quit your bitching before everyone bad talks Jet Blue right out of business. Oh, yeah, it sucks that there was some wierd managment breakdown (read: dumb pilot) that left people stranded on the runway for 10 hours, but here’s a sobering statistic:

Until last week, in the past 3 years, JetBlue has been on time for 75% of the time, and has cancelled 1/2 of 1% of scheduled flights. Less than 1/2 of 1%!

Think about how many times you’ve been stranded, delayed, or cancelled flying on United, American, or Delta. A whole lot more, I’m sure.

There’s all kinds of fascinating stats at: Bureau of Transportation Statistics | Airline Data

So folks, let’s all simmer down a little bit. Think of what flying would be like without the little TV at every seat, and blue chips. Not too pretty, eh?

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