I’m a PC… only, I’m a hypocrite.

From a marketing perspective, the Windows “I’m a PC” campaign is genius (it’s just too bad they’re hawking software that doesn’t work so well.



Only one big problem with that spot…it was made using a Mac. [read entire post here] [check out the screen shots at Flickr]


Your iPod is watching you.

There are several reports of a patent filed by Apple to integrate human telemetry devices into the iPod line.  Essentially your iPod would lead you through a workout and keep track of things like BMI, and weight loss. Check out the whole story (with lots of images at Apple Insider)

Another really cool thing is iPhoneRemote available at Google Code that allows you to remotely control your laptop using your iPhone or iPod Touch.



Keep your eyes peeled for Digsby — a new IM/social networking application that’s bound to give Adium a run for its money.

You can check it out and download the beta (for Windows — no beta for Mac yet) at: digsby.com. 

Digsby was created by RIT graduate Steve Shapiro ’04. His company, DotSyntax LLC, is based at Venture Creations, RIT’s high-tech incubator, which assists students, faculty and staff with the growth and success of new enterprises.

Move Over Microsoft Word, Now There’s Something Leaner.

I’ve been using Microsoft Word (and hating it) for over 15 years. I recently dumped it in favor of Apple Pages, and I’m quite happy with the result. For a variety of reasons, Pages is easier to use, more stable, and helps me to write more efficiently. I’m not constantly at battle with the software (as I often was when using Microsoft Word), and I’m making much more efficient use of my time when writing.

For the most part, Pages gets along very well with Word, creates RTF and PDF files quickly (and correctly). My only wish is that it worked with Bookends, my favorite bibliographic software (which… by the way, is FANTASTIC.)

Hooray from being freed from the doldrums of Word!

Safari 3.0: Ahead of It’s Time?

Well, you all know, I’m a hardcore Apple fan. But… Safari 3.0 kinda bites. I think it will work perfectly on the leaner, upcoming Leopard, and I applaud Apple for getting it out there as a beta, but the truth of the matter — it just doesn’t work well yet, and worse yet, it doesn’t get along well with other apps.

After instaling the 3.0 beta, I began having all kinds of weird problems with iChat — like, I’d type something and hit enter, and it would disappear, and then I’d hit enter again, and it would show up. In addition, mail started to act slow — not really hung up, just, well slow, especially when using reply, reply-all, or forward.

Worst of all — Safari 3.0b doesn’t seem capable of opening PDF files. That’s a huge drawback — considering that Safari 2.0.4 does it seamlessly (and pretty quick).

All this to say, apparently, I’m not the only one with these problems. A Google search of the string “Safari 3.0 ichat problems” returned this page at MacFixIt. Apparently, lots of others are encountering the same issues. However, running the Safari 3.0 uninstaller will revert your version of Safari to the last installed version. There are a number of other work arounds too — just Google to find them.

Until then, I’m sticking with old school but stable Safari.