1 in Every 10 People in Toronto Use Facebook.

From threeminds.organic.com

The buzz in Toronto this past week is all about Facebook – as of 2pm this afternoon, Toronto has 573,355 people in the Toronto, ON network on Facebook – that’s 11% of the population of the greater Toronto metro area (GTA) and is the largest regional network on Facebook by a significant margin.

Ryan Feeley has created a comparative table of major metros on his blog. To put this into perspective, Toronto has more Facebook members than New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco combined (the combined population of those cities is almost 9 times the size of Toronto). This phenomenon extends beyond Toronto to the rest of Canada too – both Calgary and Montreal have 8% of their population on Facebook. It also extends beyond the major metropolitan regions to small towns across the entire country.

So, why are Torontonians (and the rest of Canadians) so addicted to Facebook? As reported in the local press, the Ontario government, concerned that its employees were spending too much time on the site, banned it from its office computers last week. Thousands of civil servants came to work only to find that Facebook had been blocked like porn.

CTV reported on the phenomenon – they theorized that its because there are 100,000 students across the key universities in the city. Nice try CTV – that’s not the answer.

A recent post on Facebook’s blog entitled “Oh Canada…” says, “There may not be one single reason why Facebook is so popular in Canada, but rather a combination of tipping-point factors that continue to make networks like Toronto so unique in terms of growth.” Canada has 2 million Facebookers which represents 10% of the Facebook universe.

Media Blitz A couple new (or refreshed) sites of …

Media Blitz

A couple new (or refreshed) sites of interest:

1. > Check out The Architect’s Newspaper. You’ll be lost for hours.

2. > Well, Tyler Brule is at it again. He’s the creative force behind Monocle, which I strongly urge you to check out. The site is broken into five sections: A, B, C, D, E — of which the aesthetic is clearly influenced by Massimo Vignelli’s iconic subway signage.

Good work, Tyler (and crew), and best of luck to you.

My friend, Negative Mike, has this really cool mus…

My friend, Negative Mike, has this really cool music thing going on. Check out his site: Walking Carpets . My favorite is Rhona, both in music, and in life.

This site was set up to showcase the Walking Carpets—a solo project in the works by Michael Richards, to archive High Tyed—a jam band out of Buffalo, NY in the mid 1990’s, and to post updates on other musical projects. See the schedule link below for a list of shows Mike will be performing at…see the links for updates on individual bands. Enjoy!

You know, I’ve never liked Garrison Keillor. He i…

You know, I’ve never liked Garrison Keillor. He is the host of this stupid radio show called Prairie Home Companion. It’s on public radio stations across the country, unfortunately — but thankfully, it airs at odd times, like 7pm Sunday morning — so judging from that, I can only deduce that it’s wildly popular. I’m sure you know the show… oh wait, you don’t — ha. Exactly.

Well, nonetheless, your great grandmother and grandfather probably know the show and love it. It’s set up like an old-time 1920s radio show (minus any relevance, humor, or intelligence). In short, it’s perfect for people who fondly remember the 20s (the 1920s, that is), and wish that we had never passed into a modern age.

This past week, Garrison made some really distrubing comments, not only about gays, but about the evolution of the family unit. You can check out the whole article here: Towelroad and Dan Savage’s saucy retort here SLOG (viewer discretion advised).

Shocked? Yeah, why not dash off a quick note to Garrison’s boss, William H. Kling or your local public radio station?

I’ve received a slew of e-mail over the past days,…

I’ve received a slew of e-mail over the past days, asking why I haven’t posted anything about that nasty (looking and sounding) right wing shrew that irresponsibly dropped ‘the other F bomb’ last week. If you can’t decode that: Folks want to know why I haven’t posted anything about Ann Coulter. (Ugh, it sends shivers up my spine to even type her name.) I’ve disliked Ann for a much longer than just this past week. She is a nasty person and an unkind individual. Kind of like the nasty girl in high school that made everyone else feel like crap to hide her own insecurities. Makes you wonder what the hell Annie is so insecure about… Must be a biggie, whatever it is.

On the other hand, good for Ann, she’s made a career out of being a talentless, miserable, loathing, hate monger, and she makes Rush Limbaugh look like a choir boy. Considering that she’s neither rational nor intelligent, it’s admirable that she’s been able to carve out such a career for herself.

Anyhow, instead of a lengthy post, I’m encouraged that the right-wing bloggers are equally as outraged as the left, and so I’ve turned my attention to writing letters. Some fellow over at the right-of-center The American Mind has posted a well composed open letter to the CPAC. Good for him, a toast across the aisle, and a true unpolitical, thank you.

I’ve taken to writing letters, like the one below:

Dear Lee:

I hope this message finds you well. I have for years been a long time fan of Universal Press Syndicate, and I appreciate the family-oriented, responsible content of your columns and comics. I simply can’t imagine a world without Dear Abby or James Dobson. However, as the company that syndicates Ann Coulter, I felt compelled to write regarding Ms. Coulter’s recent and absurd behavior.

I make every effort to understand all sides of every story — and though sometimes Abby is a bit more liberal that I might be, and more often, James is more conservative than I — the perspective that responsible journalists and columnists bring is enlightening, rooted in fact, and while not always objective, put forth with good will to educate, enlighten, and inform the public. Naturally, every columnist has a bias, but I truly believe that as editor, it is your responsibility to ensure that your columnists are not bigots, and most certainly that they do not incite hate.

Ms. Coulter’s recent comments have revealed not a one-time slip of the tongue, but a track record of disparaging comments against gays. Such comments are reprehensible and can be readily equated with sexist, racial, ethnic, and religious slurs. Such language has no place in an enlightened society, and certainly has no place in productive discourse.

I am disturbed that your company, one I have trusted and respected for over 30 years, supports, endorses, and indeed syndicates a hate-fuelled bigot. While I fully support free speech, I can not endorse reckless hate speech.

I look forward to your reply.


Interview in Artvoice If you are in the Buffalo…

Interview in Artvoice

If you are in the Buffalo area over the course of the next week or so, pick up a copy of the most current Artvoice, in it, I’m interviewed about my book Buffalo is a Cool Place to Live.

Thanks to Peter Koch for getting the interview done, and thanks to Rose Mattrey (an RIT grad!) for the splendid photo.

Click here to read the full interview (and see the image).