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Citizen Girl CD Cover

I spend a lot of time driving… back and forth between Buffalo and Rochester (and Toronto, and Cincinnati, and Chicago, and a lot of other places…) and I use that time to catch up on business calls, and to listen to books on tape (or CD or whatever). Oddly, the books that I choose are books that I’d NEVER read otherwise, books that frankly, would never even make it on to my radar.

Every so often, I listen to a “book” that is a totally unxpected surprise. Citizen Girl is that book. It’s witty as heck, and outright funny, but really deals with some pretty serious issues in the process. Essentially, the crux is this:

Main character, “Girl” (that’s her name) works for a womyn-run womyn-powered organization that aims to support womyns rights and equality. Well, every woman BUT Girl. So after getting fired, Girl takes a job at a überhip “feminist” web company (called MyCompany) that’s run by a bunch of Football-chasing guys. The story doesn’t end there, but throughout, Girl struggles with coming to terms with the evolution of the feminist movement. There’s a particularly funny (and highly relevant) passage when Girl is conducting a focus group with a bunch of gender study majors at NYU — all of whom felt that the feminist movement was more about finding the right mascara and shoes than about equality, the glass ceilling, and the like (remember, the book is satire). Naturally, Girl is dismayed at this interaction, and the remainder of the book is about Girl’s journey to uncover what “modern feminism” is all about.

Definitely a good read (especially for guys), and definitely worth the time to seek it out.

You can check out the MyCompany website at Simon & Schuster, and read the book at Google Books.

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