Dear Jon Klein:

I am an avid CNN viewer, in fact, CNN is pretty much the only thing ON TV in my house.

I’m disappointed to see the departure of Paula Zahn, but I am quite eager to see how CNN will fill the spot. Rumor has it that Cambell Brown will fill the spot to go head to head with Bill O’Riley on Fox and Keith Oberman on MSNBC. That is also…

::cue needle off the record sound::


Are you kidding?

What the hell kind of “take on” strategy is that? Sounds like: We know we can’t win any of the miserable, senior, crummegeonly, male viewers, so instead we’ll go after the leftover female demographic that’s completely unserved during that hour?

Well here’s a newsflash for you, Jon. Most women (of all ages) that I know are a.) more avid news watchers than miserable old men, b.) more likely to watch news at 8pm than most guys I know, and c.) starving for “real” news and not the ample fare of sensational Dateline/Primtime/20/20 Stories about child molesters, credit card debt, theives, and other panic-fed vulnerabilities.

Here’s a thought, why not move Jack Cafferty to 8pm for an interactive call-in show, and instead, offer Cambell an early afternoon slot, say 3, 4, or 5pm ET (that clearly fits the demographic you’re trying to reach)? Sounds like a much more viable plan to me.

I’ll be eager to see the choice you make. Hopefully it will be one that provides viewers with a substanative news choice, and not simply newsutainment.

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