Dinette Update

Some minor upgrades to the dinette area that make a world of difference.

First, I lopped 10″ off the table. It is rare that there are two people eating at the dinette, let alone 4, and removing the 10″ yielded an additional 6 square feet of floor space (or so). This makes maneuvering and getting into and out of the bathroom much easier.

I also removed the giant foam bolsters from the dinette seat and replaced them with movable pillows. The pillows are more comfortable, look nicer, take up less space, and can be easily moved if and when I want to move them. They can also be updated or swapped out more easily.

Truth be told, I tried first to reupholster the bolsters. What a disaster! The whole project nearly killed my (nearly new) sewing machine and proved to be a much bigger project than I had anticipated. After living without the bolsters for a while, I came to realize what space hogs they are.

I have a plan to replace the bolster on the entry side with a small wooden shelf thing…I’m working on the details of that now.


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