OK Folks. Who the HELL is the webmaster at SunTrust Bank? Come on now, fess up. This one is a big old mess.

I’m STUNNED — and though grumpy most of the time, I’m rarely stunned to the degree that I am this moment.

My mortgage is serviced (by no choice of my own, mind you) by SunTrust Bank. Sun Trust has THE WORST web banking system ever. That simple — it’s just the worst system ever. I live in the sun starved Northeast, and the first time I ever heard of SunTrust was about 3 years ago. I received SPAM about my SunTrust account, and that I should click the link to verify my account details. Well, at the time I had no SunTrust account, so the fact that I received it was a dead give away that it was SPAM. But now I do have a SunTrust account, and oddly enough, I continue to get the same SPAM again and again. To me, this would be a BIG RED FLAG for the good ol’ boys and good ol’ girls down at SunTrust to make damn well sure that their good ol’ site is workin’ and pretty freaking secure.

But that’s just me, and I’m just a dumb ol’ Yankee.

About 3 months ago, I received a snail mail letter that SunTrust would be changing their web banking to a “new system” and that once this happened (allegedly on September 18), all Sun Trust customers were to visit the “newly redesigned site” to “reregister”. Strange, but OK.

Well, eagerly with letter in hand, I logged on on September 18 to the exact same clunky, hard to read, disorganized site that I had become familiar with — only to find that the security certificate for the site still hadn’t been fixed. No matter, I went through the motions to create my new “log in”. What a convoluted mess. After about 1/2 hour of entering information, I found that it didn’t work. Every time I clicked on “continue,” I would get a message indicating that my session had expired. Funny, I’ve known mosqiutos to have longer life expectancy than this site. I mean come on!

So today, I figured I’d give it another shot. It’s somewhat gratifying after making your $1200 mortgage payment to see that the $2 reduction in principal after the interest is paid. The only problem is that the site STILL doesn’t work. I’ve assembled a short flash slideshow above that tells the story better than I can. Note the time on the system clock in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

I might note that I’ll bet dollars to donuts that some schmo from SunTrust — especially after seeing this on the blog — will contact me to say that I need to enable “cookies” or clear my cache. Too late — I’ve done both and the site STILL doesn’t work.

So maybe someone from SunTrust might want to tell me: what gives? How about getting this site cleaned up, and servicing your customers before they all wise up and move on to a real bank that actually might be remotely concerned with security. The actor in the commercials might not be the only one saying “lost another one to Ditech!”

I might mention as a footnote, my ‘real’ bank is HSBC (the one that we in Buffalo affectionately refer to as “Hot Sauce, Blue Cheese”) and security there is like Fort Knox compared to SunTrust — everything is bolted under a separate password — and more importantly, the site works AND looks good.

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I will try to solve your issues the best I can. For the email issues, anything actually coming from Suntrustmortgage.com we should be able to remedy. Just go to the http://www.suntrustmortgage.com website and click on “Logon to my account” then on the left hand side, click on the contact us link, at the very bottom of the popup window is a link to stop recieving emails. Other emails could possibly be phishing sites, but we will cross that bridge if we get to it, I dont want to get into the if’s and maybe’s unless we have to. For your browser issues, I think the site still has problems with Safari, I am not sure if that is an accepted browser yet. In the meantime, try downloading a copy of Mozilla Firefox for Macintosh, seems to work great. If you have any problems installing which I think you won’t you seem pretty computer savvy, just call and ask for the internet tech support. Now I went out on my own to contact you, this isn’t company mandated or condoned, but I have delt with this issue alot, so I thought I would help.

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