European Style Gluten Free Baking with FiberHUSK®

I have been eating gluten free for nearly 10 years. It’s hard to believe that much time has gone but, but it has. Over that time, gluten free products have become prolific in the United States and Europe. However, there is a marked difference between American and European gluten free products, especially baked goods. Most American gluten free products seem to be dense and overly sweet. European gluten free products are (on average) nearly identical to their glutenful counterparts.

For some time, I have been curious as to why this is the case. The answer lies with psyllium husk. Not widely used in America (it’s the main ingredient in Metamucil), it is a common ingredient in European baked goods. Psyllium husk absorbs up to 8x its weight in water. This is handy in baking, as a slow bake will cause this water to evaporate, leaving the baked goods spongy and chewy, very similar to guten filled counterparts.

Psyllium husk is widely available, and easy to use. Check out this German site featuring FiberHUSK, a product specifically made for baking. It might be a good thing to try for your gluten free holiday baking!

Für ein saftigeres und luftigeres Gelingen Ihrer glutenfreien Backwaren. Funktioniert als Bindemittel und Mehlzusatz bei Low-Carb Gerichten. –

Source: FiberHUSK® Flohsamenschalenpulver | Glutenfreies und Low-Carb Backen

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