Faucet Retrofit!

VDOMUS Handheld Shower

Nearly everyone I talk to about the Airstream asks about the kitchen and the bathroom. Everyone assumes that the bathroom is “tiny.” My response is that it is “larger than my bathroom that I had in Denmark.” (And that’s true.)

While the bathroom is compact (I am a large guy and I wouldn’t say it’s small), I am always surprised that it can accommodate someone of my height and size without feeling like I’m showering in a phone booth. Quite the opposite, it’s rather roomy and efficient.

The Airstream came from the factory with a hand-held shower spigot that was—meh—at best. It wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t great either. It felt cheap and plastic-y in a high-quality aluminum environment.

So, I replaced it!

The job couldn’t have been easier. It literally screws and unscrews… so if you can change a garden hose, you can change the shower in your Airstream!

I purchased the VDOMUS Metal Handheld Round Bar Hand Shower from Amazon. It was about $20, and is exceptional quality for the price. I would say that it is nearly the same quality as the $500 Handsgrohe shower that I installed at home. After I installed the VDOMUS, I realized that the original shower must have been VERY corroded inside the hose. The water pressure from the new shower head is about five times what it was in the original. Plus, it looks far more sleek and stylish than the original. The hose seems much more sturdy and flexible, and makes showering with it a breeze. So, overall, time and money well spent.

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