First Move in!

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Well, today was an experience! I taught in the morning, and then drove two hours back to Buffalo to meet my good friend, Jim. We hitched up the Airstream and took it back to where I’m teaching. So, all said, about 5 hours in the car for me!

It was nice to open up the Airstream as I was getting it ready to travel and find a nice housewarming gift from my Mom and Dad. Very thoughtful, as they always are.

Hitching up the Airstream took all of about 90 seconds. Jim is a pro, and it wasn’t difficult at all. Snap, plug, go.

Miraculously, when we arrived at the RV park (that I’ll call “temporary home” for the nights I am teaching) the electric was turned on! (I meant to write about that yesterday… RG&E has to be the most difficult and least customer service-oriented company in the entire world.) So, I plugged in, said goodbye and thank  you to Jim and got busy setting the place up!

My first experience was hooking up the water. It’s sort of like hooking up a garden hose. Well, actually it IS just like hooking up a garden hose, only the spigot is in the ground in this little box and it is impossible to get the hose in and turn it. So, it was a challenge, but I made it work.

Then turning on the LP gas. That was easy, and after letting the stove click away for a little bit, the flame popped up. I flipped the “hot water” switch to “on” and within seconds, there was hot water. Amazing.

I took a drive to Lowe’s (thankfully there is a Lowe’s relatively close-by, because I despise The Home Depot. I bought a PVC pipe and some fittings to get my sewage set up, and now that’s working too. The only thing that isn’t ideal: the water is well water and smells like ROTTEN eggs. Like really really rotten eggs. So bad that I probably won’t ever use it for much.

But, all that said, the place is set up, livable, and comfortable. I even met some of the neighbors, and they are all very nice.

So here’s to the first night of many happy, healthy, content, blessed nights in the Airstream!


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