Florence Gets a Birth Certificate!

Airstream official name registryWow. Airstream really is a cool company.

As many of you know, when I adopted, er, bought my Airstream, I named her Florence in honor of my great aunt who had passed away only a few weeks before.  Aunt Florence had a great spirit and was always smiling and kind. She was unfailingly polite and always made me smile. She passed away just a few weeks shy of her 100th birthday. So, when the Airstream came along, it seemed fitting to name it in her honor.

That’s why, when you read posts about my Airstream, you will see me refer to it as Florence.

In any case, I am apparently not the only person to christen their Airstream. From the Airstream site:

You know how it goes. You fall in love. Get close. Give your significant other a pet name. It happens that way for a lot of Airstream owners. We totally get it – here’s your chance to share your Airstream’s name, swap stories and photos with your fellow Airstream enthusiasts. If you believe your Airstream is a star, you’ve come to the right place. Time to let your baby shine!

So now Airstream is allowing Airstream owners to register names for their Airstreams (think: Cabbage Patch Kids), and with it, the owners get a web page, a certificate (with the Airstream name), and other perks. Definitely a worthwhile effort in my opinion!

So, all you Airstreamers… get clicking! You can sign up at http://nickname.airstream.com.

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