Florence is “Official”!

Airstream is an awesome company.

As you know, our Airstream is named after my late great aunt, Florence. Aunt Florence lived to be 98 years old, and was sweet as sugar and tough as nails. I admired her, and the Airstream bears her name in her honor.

Airstream, about six months ago, started a program to allow Airstreamers to register their trailers. I was eager to do it, and filled out the online form. Much to my surprise, about a week ago, I received a very nice aluminum medallion and certificate along with a thoughtful letter from the good folks at Airstream. The medallion clearly identifies the that the VIN associated with this trailer is named Florence and is proudly displayed (and worn, by Florence) right inside the front door.



Oddly, the whole process feels somewhat like the way I would imagine an adoption to feel… the certificate and medallion made our ownership “official,” even though Florence has been a member of our family for two years.

Kudos to Airstream for offering such a cool service, completely free of charge. Just another reason they are a top shelf company.


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