Flo’s new flow.

After a long hiatus, Flo has gotten some attention! 

Normal flow.

As I’ve been end-of-summer cleaning and doing maintenance around Flo, one of the things that has really been bothering me was the apparent ice damage that happened last winter. After mistakenly leaving the “shore” water on, the water system seemed to freeze. At first inspection, the damage seemed severe: the regulator was shot, the toilet valve was shot, the kitchen faucet froze so solidly that it split down the middle. 

Upon discovering the problem, I panicked and turned off every valve I could find, including two under the dinette next to the fresh water tank. I turned the water off and lamented the damage, but didn’t do much about it… using a long hose and bottled water for a while.

This past May, I bought a replacement kitchen faucet from Lowe’s that was almost the exact same as the original that came with the Airstream, only it was made by Pfister rather than Moen. 

After several months of tripping over the box, worrying about the faucet, and avoiding the installation for some reason today, I took the leap and installed it.

I thought, I’ll get the old one off (at least) and then just “see” how the new one looks in place.

Getting the old faucet off was a bear. the Moen faucet seemed to be held by some invisible force that wouldn’t budge no matter what I did. After about an hour of patient work, I got it completely off, and had just a hole in the counter top. 

Shockingly, the Pfister faucet was ridiculously easy to install. The box contained little adapter that you screw into the hot and cold water feeds, and then the entire thing just snaps together, literally. Click, click, click, tighten up the bolt that holds the thread faucet in place and boom, done.

I recommend the Pfister faucet, though I did have to call the 800 number at one point to ask a quick question and it was closed at 7pm, eastern time. I didn’t love that. I figured out the answer to my question though, and didn’t need their help after all. 

It also turned out that the “valves” that I was turning “off” weren’t really water feed valves at all, but the “low point drain” which, in irony of ironies, drained the water from my trailer to prevent any further damage. So, all said and done, crisis averted, and all has been repaired!

Spray feature.

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