Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

About a month ago, my microwave stopped working. I wasn’t sure why, so I checked the fuse box. The GFCI had somehow tripped. Everything else seemed to be working fine, so I didn’t pay it much mind…but for the life of me, I could not reset the GFCI. 

I tried flipping the switch. That didn’t work. I tried pushing the little yellow “test” button. That didn’t work either. I tried both at the same time. That didn’t work. I hauled out my giant Airstream manual and it had no information. I even tried Airforums. No luck. 

So today, the “check” light illuminated on my refrigerator, so I again checked the fuse box. I learned a few things…one, that my fridge has been running on propane intermittently (to my surprise) and second that the GFCI is reset   By pushing the switch DOWN and then up. 
Everything seems to be working now!

Remember: down then up!


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