Happy 2nd Birthday, Florence!


It is incredibly unbelievable to think that two years ago today, Dan and I drove—on a whim—across Southern Ontario, across New York State, and across Massachusetts to look at an Airstream.

The dream started when I was in architecture school, and I fell in love with the 2001–2006 CCM Series designed by Christopher Deam, husband of Dwell magazine founder, Laura Deam. I remember looking at the Airstream catalog (!) and thinking: one day, I want to live in one of those. At the time, the price seemed impossible, but I never stopped thinking about it.

Arriving—exhausted—in Massachusetts, we fell in love instantly. (The picture above is proof: me sitting on the bumper, as we were “kicking the tires.” You can tell how happy I am: a.) because I rarely smile, and b.) because I never have my picture taken.)

We had a quick meal at Chipotle (around the corner from where the Airstream was then living) and decided to do it. The snap decision was not only uncharacteristic for me, but for Dan as well. A week later, she was delivered to my parents driveway (for a thorough cleaning) and soon after to her current home.

I remember how nervous we were. All of the fears and reservations (and outright worries) we had, all of the minor difficulties that seemed sure to become insurmountable impossibilities. Moments after arrival, the ease of ownership melted all of those fears quickly, and the first (arctic) winter froze any lingering fears: the Airstream was comfortable, formidable, rugged and lived up to the promise of “easy living in a land yacht”

Looking back, I couldn’t be happier that we took the leap. Florence (our Airstream) has proven to be a happy second home and is, truly, a dream come true.

Happy Birthday, Florence!

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