Hey everyone! I’m going to be like Oprah! Here a…

Hey everyone! I’m going to be like Oprah! Here are a few of my favorite things… Oh wait, that sounds more like Julie Andrews. Well, anyway, more than a few people have asked me for recommendations for gifts for those hard to buy people on their lists. There’s a lot of great stuff out there this year, and it’s easy to do your shopping online (saves more time to relax at home — AND the stuff shows up on your doorstep!)

Here are a couple of MY favorite things (see, just like Oprah — only you don’t get anything free for being in the studio audience!) and places to shop. Some good starting points, most with free shipping…

This is one of my favorite new finds: MenScience. It’s great stuff, well made, and well packaged. Plus, they have a bunch of great gift packages to make shopping easy. Give it a try:

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iTunes music and iTunes gift cards and credits are ALWAYS a good gift. You could do this at 11:59 on December 24th, if you had to:


Old books are always a good gift, especially for those hard to buy for people. Alibris has the best selection of anywhere I know.


Wine.com has a great selection of really hard-to-find wines. They’ll deliver right to the person you want it sent to.


If you really don’t know what to get someone, why not an environmentally responsible choice?


Thinking of something to do for New Years? Two of my best kept secrets for excellent travel deals:


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