If California is the first failed state… are there more to come?

An interesting thought occurred to me today. With so much talk of California being the first failed US state, how many more will follow? Why is this not alarming to more people?

When I was quite young, I realized that California was somewhat ahead of the curve, the state preceded most of the nation on serious issues (higher education, divorce, recreational drug use) and popular culture as well (artificial tanning, aerobics, ranch dressing). California remains a bit of a harbinger, but to what extent? Both Time and Newsweek have examined the degree to which California has (or will) fail. Why have we as a nation come to accept this state of affairs? What will have to occur before something “gives?”

Increasingly our political leaders are enmeshed in absurdity while we as “common” citizens suffer the consequences of their inaction. The general population grows stupider by the day, less informed about issues and the various details that directly impact our well being. Something has to give. Comment below…

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