It’s days like this…

that I remember how old I am. One of my übersharp (I have many) students, Paul sent me a link today.

The funny thing, I remember this video — in fact, I actually rememeber liking it. I remember owning a vinyl 45 of it. I even remember making it the feature of a mix tape for one of my friends! Crazy how time flies. ::Cue the old man voice:: see kids, one of these days, you’ll be telling your students about being Rick Roll’d, and it will seem like yesterday.

Apparently, according to Paul being Rick Roll’d has become an internet sensation. So… if you want to “catch the sensation” (as the old York peppermint patty commercial goes…) Just click here, and consider yourself Rick Roll’d. Thanks, Paul.

Oh, and if you’re curious (as I was), what ever came of Rick Astley, you can check out his website here.

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