When folks ask me about the airstream, they are always interested in two things: the bathroom and the kitchen. (For the record, it has both.) The kitchen is fully-functioning, and surprisingly functional. The kitchen has a sink (with instant hot water), a refrigerator with a freezer (that runs on both electricity AND propane), and a propane gas stove top with two burners. I added a microwave and a rice cooker, as well as a full compliment of spices and kitchenware (including my great, great grandmother’s cast iron skillet). The kitchen has ample storage space above and below, and I find that though compact, I can actually do a fair amount of cooking in it. The high-end faucet has a spray handle on it, so it makes washing dishes a snap.

I enjoy cooking and I thought I would be limited in my ability to cook a “real” meal. That hasn’t been a struggle at all. The range hood (with light and fan) are perfect, and keep odors and grease out of the living space (which is, after all, only inches away!)

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