Maintenance Afternoon

This afternoon I spent a little time doing some work on the airstream! Yesterday we had a violent and punishing thunderstorm, and I had a little drip drip drip of water coming in. So I spent some time this afternoon figuring out where the drip was coming from. I climbed up on the roof after borrowing a ladder from my very nice neighbor, Teddy!

I spent a little time looking at the roof trying to figure out where rainwater might run off into, and then spent some time using clear silicone caulk to seal up some of the possible points of entry. I also used a piece of pipe insulation to jam under the roof air conditioner/heating unit. I suspect that is where the water is leaking into.

Here’s a few images of what the top of Florence looks like.





I also spent some time tying in my sewage line to make it more permanent. It looks really great!



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