Courageous: Meredith Baxter From “Family Ties”: I’m Gay

I have to say… my GADAR must be getting rusty! Who knew… but I always knew I liked her!

I remember being a little kid, watching Family Ties and really liking Meredith. She seemed so genuine, polite and kind. Watching her interview on the Today show made me realize something I’ve—ironic as it may be—never really thought about: how courageous it is for someone to come out. What’s more amazing, is that anyone really cares anymore, but in the wake of a major liberal state like New York voting down gay marriage (also today), it calls to mind the conflicted state of gay affairs in the United States. I wonder where the hatred toward gays comes from… well no, I don’t. It came from Jerry Fallwell, quite directly. But I wonder why so many people latch on to it. What’s in it for them? A feeling of superiority? A feeling of vengence? Does othering someone make them feel better?

Well I hope so. I hope it makes people feel superior, and vengeful, and better. And I hope gay and lesbian people all over will keep this in mind. It’s time to fight fire with fire, kids. Put down the DVD of the L Word, toss out your HRC sticker, skip the circuit party, and get out there and fight for yourselves. Next time someone calls you a faggot or a dyke, get in their face and give it back to them. Next time the career-politician that represents you doesn’t represent you, get in their face and give it back to them. Vote with your mouth, vote with your wallet… but don’t sit by and watch this all go by, get out and make a difference… be courageous.

Meredith Baxter From “Family Ties”: I’m Gay.

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