Minus Amazon Prime

  Well, today, I took the first step toward my but-nothing year. My Amazon Prime membership ended today and for the first time in half a decade, I opted not to renew it. 

To put this in perspective, I am on a first name basis with my mail carrier (Rich), my UPS drivers (Dale, Derrick, Carol) and my FedEx drivers (Scott, Mark). Why? You ask? Well, because I have daily deliveries from one or more of these parcel services because I seem to be constantly ordering things from Amazon…or sending things back to Amazon. 

So, anxiety inducing as it may be, I am without toe day shipping from the world’s largest store. Let’s see how that works as I take my first steps toward a buy nothing year. 

Interestingly, I thought it would be difficult but it is actually somewhat liberating. 

My goal is to buy nothing, but in the event that I need to buy something, my goal is to buy from a small local business instead. I guess I’m getting an early start. 

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