Muddy Waters

My friend Jake is opening a new coffee house in Rochester.  It’s bound to be a hit, and will be a very cool joint.  Muddy Waters Coffee House, in the South Wedge area of Rochester and is located behind the Cinema Theatre, where S. Clinton and Goodman meet, and it’s slated to open for business mid-January 2008. My friend Tony, owner of Rochester graphic design firm Type High did the design of the logo too.   Muddy Waters is currently looking for artists who would be interested in some free gallery space. They’re looking for all kinds of work – paintings, hanging sculptures, fiber art, etc. – to place on walls. They will tag the work with the artist’s name and price of the piece, and hopefully be able to help support local artists in the community, while bringing some delicious coffee to the area. The Muddy Waters folks would also like to speak with any potters who may be interested in supplying us with pieces – coffee mugs, cappuccino cups, etc. – for use in the shop, and for sale to the public. Please reply to George at the Craigslist email address:

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  1. — Interesting Aside —
    Why Starbucks actually helps mom and pop coffeehouses
    “The key for independent coffeehouse owners who want to thrive with a Starbucks next-door is that they don’t try to imitate Starbucks. (As many failed coffee chains can attest, there’s no way to beat Starbucks at being Starbucks.) The locally owned cafes that offer their own unique spin on the coffeehouse experience — and, crucially, a quality brew — are the ones that give the Seattle behemoth fits.”

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