My good friend, Frank, recently purchased a new Ma…

My good friend, Frank, recently purchased a new MacBook. It’s white plastic, and after about a week of light use, the area under the mouse has started to yellow (see image).

Now, I can tell you a couple of things about Frank:

He is a huge fan of Savon de Marseille and I know first hand that he is scrupulously clean.

Frank barely uses his home computer — so cumulatively in the time since he bought it, I can’t imagine that he has used it for more than say, 12 hours.

Now, as everyone knows, I’m a HUGE Apple fan, and I simply believe that Apple products are superior in make and function. However, the fact remains that the computer has yellowed, which is simply unacceptable.

Uncharacteristically, Apple has barely acknowledged the problem here . Seems to me to be more a more typical Microsoft-type response than one we’ve come to expect from Apple.

Frank contacted AppleCare this afternoon, and after a 40 minute wait, was informed that Apple will replace the part that is yellowing, which leaves Frank without a computer for at least a week — not to mention the aggrivation of having to box it up, haul it to the subway, truck it to the FedEx shop, and then hope that he’s around when FedEx drops it off next week.

It’s simply unconscionable that after voting for Apple with his dollar, Frank has now had to invest his time, energy, and expense to get the defective computer repaired.

So what gives? How will Apple respond? How about a free year of .mac for the trouble? Better yet, how about picking up the computer and dropping off a loaner for use in the meanwhile? If I were in charge of AppleCare, I’d take this as an opportunity to overnight a MacBook Pro loaner for use while the MacBook is being repaired. What better way to introduce a loyal, but temporarilly dissatisfied customer to a significantly more profitable product?

More importantly, and infinitely more serious, what I want to know: Is the plastic leaching toxic chemicals into Frank’s apartment? Is it leaving toxic residue on his hands?

Any voices from Apple out there that might like to respond?

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