Hey everyone! I’m going to be like Oprah! Here a…

Hey everyone! I’m going to be like Oprah! Here are a few of my favorite things… Oh wait, that sounds more like Julie Andrews. Well, anyway, more than a few people have asked me for recommendations for gifts for those hard to buy people on their lists. There’s a lot of great stuff out there this year, and it’s easy to do your shopping online (saves more time to relax at home — AND the stuff shows up on your doorstep!)

Here are a couple of MY favorite things (see, just like Oprah — only you don’t get anything free for being in the studio audience!) and places to shop. Some good starting points, most with free shipping…

This is one of my favorite new finds: MenScience. It’s great stuff, well made, and well packaged. Plus, they have a bunch of great gift packages to make shopping easy. Give it a try:

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iTunes music and iTunes gift cards and credits are ALWAYS a good gift. You could do this at 11:59 on December 24th, if you had to:


Old books are always a good gift, especially for those hard to buy for people. Alibris has the best selection of anywhere I know.


Wine.com has a great selection of really hard-to-find wines. They’ll deliver right to the person you want it sent to.


If you really don’t know what to get someone, why not an environmentally responsible choice?


Thinking of something to do for New Years? Two of my best kept secrets for excellent travel deals:


I’m pleased to add the NeoAmericanist to my list o…

I’m pleased to add the NeoAmericanist to my list of links at the right. It’s an exceptionally well-done journal, provocative not only in content, but in design as well. Check out Cait Keegan’s “Sexing the Terrorist”. It’s exceptional.

Type and Tunes™ TUNES I’ve been listening a lot …

Type and Tunes™


I’ve been listening a lot lately to Morcheeba: Stop Complaining (Morcheeba/Capricorn II Remix). My particular favorite is God Bless and Goodbye

File under “You GO Girl…”

From the EBTG website:

“Hello everyone. We would like to point out that the currrent TV commercial in the US for Hummer that uses our cover version of ‘Love Is Strange’ was put together without our knowledge or consent. Unfortunately Warner Music UK control our early 90’s recorded performances and agreed that the track could be used. It is common courtesy to inform the artist and listen to any objections when something like this happens. We were not contacted by Warner Music UK.

“Fortunately if the artist also writes the song, they can put a stop to things by refusing to allow the publishing copyright to be used. Unfortunately in this case, we did not write the song and therefore could not block it on those grounds.

“We are deeply concerned that our music has been used in this way. It is something we would never have condoned had we’d been given the choice.

“We are currently in lengthy legal discussion with Warner Music UK. We would have spoken out earlier but needed to clarify our position. We will make our final position clear and issue a statement in due course.

Best always,

Ben and Tracey”

From Alex : I’m very proud of Ben and Tracey, and from the perspective of someone Stateside, the commercial isn’t well produced. As usual, big thumbs down to the Hummer folks. As much as we love Ben and Tracy, it STILL won’t make us want to run out to buy a Hummer.

Show your support, download some EBTG from iTunes, and play it in the office or studio. Tell someone the story when they ask “what is that awesome music you’re playing…?” Walking Wounded or better yet…
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I have to do a shout out to one of my students, An…

I have to do a shout out to one of my students, Anne. In her e-mail signature, Anne has her brother’s website: www.nicksherman.com which is one of the best, and most thought provoking that I’ve seen in a long time. It’s always interesting and relevant, so if you have a moment, check it out.

Wow. It’s rare when companies come out with stuff…

Wow. It’s rare when companies come out with stuff that is really helpful AND works well. I strongly suggest the NEW Firefox browser. Click on the link (in the right hand sidebar, just scroll down a little…), download it, and give it a shot. I bet you’ll be impressed…

Wow. For those of you out there who are Mac users…

Wow. For those of you out there who are Mac users, and using Safari: be sure to empty your cookies from time to time. My Safari was running a bit slowly, so I Googled ‘Safari Running Slow’ and ran across this: Speeding Up Safari. I gave it a shot and I’m stunned at what a difference it makes. Worth the 5 minutes, definitely. Thanks Scott!