Rochester vs. Buffalo

Or perhaps Buffalo vs. Rochester. It’s a think that I discuss frequently with my friends and colleagues. Nearly everyone agrees that Buffalo is a bit grittier, but also a bit more of a “city”. Nearly everyone agrees that Rochester is a bit cleaner, and better cared for, but also that the general attitude is a bit, well, elitist.

There’s an excellent smattering of postings at the Buffalo News blog. You can read the entire thing here.

I have to say — all in all, I like both cities, but Buffalo will always be home — there is much more to walk to, and the pace of life is just different. Rochester is (quite literally) automobile-driven, and there is precious little that one can walk to. However, on the flip, the south wedge is giving Allentown a considerable run for its money. So maybe it’s not a question of better or worse, but one of healthy competition as a catalyst for change and improvement.

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