This past summer, we spent some time touring around The Netherlands and oddly, I found myself surprisingly literate in Dutch. Having some knowledge of the “low German” languages (like Swedish and Norwegian) helped, as did knowing some German, and English. Oddly, because of the virtually non-existant language barrier, I was able to “read” a lot more as we were walking around the charming cities we visited (Delft, Rotterdam, Utrecht).

Increasingly, as I grow older, I am turning into a foodie. I have such an odd vegetarian, gluten free, limit to my eating, that it’s rare that I am “wowed” by a restaurant or culinary experience. In Utrecht, we stumbled upon a restaurant that changed my culinary life. It’s called SLA.

SLA is a salad joint, and as a vegetarian, salad is my go-to meal. But SLA is also a movement. Their salad—and the methods for creating—are unique, and their allegiance to pure food is laudable.

According to the SLA website (this is my own rough translation):

We dream SLA especially of a world where everyone has access to pure food. We are on a mission to create healthy and sustainable food for every person. So that everyone can create healthy eating habits. Granted, that’s a pretty big dream. Fortunately, the weather truly our nature to realize dreams step by step.

Where you start? Well, in the Netherlands. We get hundreds of times each year for the question: what will I eat? Suppose you fill that question as often as possible with organic, unprocessed and local food. All these years and added Dutch do much good for the environment and your health. A single salad, so many benefits.

SLA is beautifully designed and has a stunning aesthetic. The interiors of their shops are relaxed and welcoming, spare but comfortable. The focus is on the food, and the food is truly outstanding.

The SLA process for making salads is also unique. (I know, you’re thinking… how difficult can it be to make a salad?) Well, you don’t know salads until you’ve had one made at SLA. It’s changed the way (and the order in which) I make salads. The process, ingredients, and philosophy is all laid out in the SLA cookbook. Available only in Dutch, but the visual language is completely understandable in any language.

Check out more about SLA on their outstanding website.

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