Slimming Down with Plastc

Part of living small is keeping unnecessary things—junk—to a minimum. For years, I have kept a small wallet, but it’s about to get a lot smaller. Plastc is a new all-in-one credit card that makes carrying multiple cards completely unnecessary. Plastc combines all of your cards onto one card and works with all of your current credit cards.

Plastc has a variable screen that locks the card, and updates as you use it, showing important information and details. The card also has a magnetic stripe and EMV chip which makes it compatible with every POS system around the world.

Best of all, Plastc keeps your wallet slim and makes life easier.


The ultra sleek Plastc card is currently in Pre-Order (cards begin shipping in April), and readers of SilverSlicker are eligible for $20 off a Plastc card!

Visit the Plastc website today to place your order!



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