Socially Responsible Design: Why glass towers are bad for city life.

My friend, Tom, sent along the TED talk below, which is tremendously thought-provoking and one most definitely worth the time to listen.

I’ve written extensively on my blog about my own experiences in the 1990s with architecture school, the rise of “starchitects” like Frank Ghery and Rem Koolhaas, and it’s amazing how quickly that notion of “big” architecture came into fashion, and what a significant impact it had on the profession of architecture. It’s also amazing how poorly conceived that architectural movement was and how quickly the shortsighted idiocy of it and the damage from it became apparent.

I believe (and indeed, I hope) that are rapidly moving toward a significant shift in architecture—away from talkitecture—and toward responsive, responsible design. I share with my students the philosophy of socially responsible design, and this talk is very much in the vein of that idea. Take the time to watch.


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