Spin. Wow. I remember Rosie when she was a young…


Wow. I remember Rosie when she was a young(er) new VJ on VH1. She was a sub for someone, and one early morning was desparately begging (in a joking way) for folks to write in to pursuade VH1 producers to keep her on the air.

That was about 20 years ago, and in that time, Rosie has grown from VJ to host to a front-and-center advocate for inclusive family values.

It’s shocking how the media has really slammed her in recent days. If you watch the clip from the View, the whole thing really is really between Joy and Elizabeth, and Rosie really tries pretty hard to stay out of the whole thing until the very end. It’s only at that point that she even begins to weigh in, and it’s amazing — that’s the only piece that gets any airplay.

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