I have never thought of myself as a runner, but when I look back at the number of runs, places I’ve run, and years that I’ve run… I realize: I am a runner!

Honestly, it’s the only way that I can seem to lose weight. Working out doesn’t do it, yoga certainly doesn’t do it, and nothing gets my energy “up” as much as running. Plus, I enjoy it. It’s time to zone out and think, without any bothers (or anyone bothering me.)

I have fancied myself (for years) as a walker. Some time ago, when I moved to Denmark, I started a project and a blog called “Walking Copenhagen” in which my goal was to walk every single street of Copenhagen, and to map it. While I came close to that… I never updated the site, and the project sort of fell apart. During that project, Map My Walk was a blog sponsor, and generously donated a free membership to its app and service.

However, after I returned, I found the app to be somewhat difficult—it simply did too much—and on my particular phone was unreliable. I would set out for a walk or run, only to find that the app didn’t “record” any of my journey. It was frustrating.

So, I set out about a year ago in search of  a new app, and that’s when I ran across Strava!

Starva was well regarded in user reviews and online. I liked the graphic interface which is simple and clear, and the social aspect to being able to share my rides. I downloaded the beginner version, and was surprised that I liked it so much that I quickly signed up for the premium service.

Starva isn’t perfect: importing information is tough and confusing. Specifically, Strava has some kind of algorithm that double checks for honesty. With most running apps, you can enter any information, but Strava actually seems to (somehow) validate that information using GPS, so manual entries (like on a treadmill) really don’t get along so well with Strava when you’re importing data.

Regardless, Strava has proved to be reliable (don’t use your camera to shoot video while using it… it shuts the app down for some reason) and the best part is the social aspect — you can share details about your runs with your friends and with the general public. The good folks at Strava also run great challenges each month and track the data and stats of your run really well. I’ve learned that I’m a much better runner (relative to other folks my age and weight in my neighborhood) than I thought I was!

So, bottom line, I can’t recommend Strava enough. Spring for the premium version, you won’t be sorry.

And, you can track my running progress (and hopefully my weight loss progress) using the Strava button at the left!

So as you get ready to slim down and keep your fitness goals in 2016, check out Strava! Find out more at: Strava


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