The Search for the Best Car EVER! Part II.

So, in my last entry, I listed every single car that I’ve ever owned. I did this for a specific reason: I’ve driven a number of cars and have a pretty good sense of what’s good and what’s not.

Here’s a breakdown of my car-owning stats:


37% American (if you consider Saturn an American car)

42% Japanese/Korean

16% German

The Japanese carmakers have—from my experience—the best cars on the road. They drive best, are reliable and are easy and inexpensive to repair. Winner: Japanese. The German cars are decent drives, but are difficult and expensive to repair. American cars have a lot of “play” in the wheel and tend to “float” when they drive. I’m not a fan. Ford cars tend to drive tighter than GM cars, with the exception of Saturn (which is probably because they were mainly made from foreign platforms and components.)

Car Color

37% Black

21% Green

21% White

5% Blue

5% Burnt Orange

5% Tan/Beige

Black cars are my favorite, hands down. Even if everyone says they look dirty. They also hide all kinds of imperfections and are easy to touch up.

42% 4-Door Sedan

32% 2-Door Coupe/2-Door Hatchback

21% Wagon/SUV/Crossover

I have spent most of my time driving in Sedans, and most of my time poking fun at people that drive SUVs. I disliked my Kia, but as I’m growing older, I prefer the Crossover. They are still small, but you sit up higher and can see the road better. My days of driving a little 2-door (with the exception of the Smart car) are probably over.

Next up: The review of reviews.

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