Things I Like 1. CON-CAN they ever! CBC Radio 3….

Things I Like

1. CON-CAN they ever! CBC Radio 3.

I finally took the time to really listen to Radio 3, and it’s fantastic! Check it out: here.
Radio 3 is available on the web, as well as on Sirius — yet another reason why it’s worth the $12 each month.

2. New Cell Phone.

I’ve had just about every cell phone and cell phone provider under the sun. Some have been good, and some bad. So far as service goes, Verizon is definitely the best, Sprint is definitely the worst. I was a Sprint customer for a long time, and the final straw was the stupid automated attendant on the customer service line. No thanks. Verizon is WAY better, and you actually get a real person when you call *611!

I have been a die-hard Nokia fan for years, and had a string of really great Nokia phones — until this summer. I shelled out $300 for the Nokia 6255i, which I bought from Nokia directly. It was a little chunky and hard to use, but had decent call quality, certainly better than the LG VX6000 I had been using. I dropped the 6255i ONCE, and it was never the same again. Nokia was absolutely NO help at all, and kept sending me canned customer service messages. So, after 15 years, they’ve lost me as a customer forever. Reluctantly, I went to the Verizon store in search of a new phone, and found the new Moto e815. Even though I was leary of Motorola, I decided to take a chance. I’m glad I did, the e815 is the best phone (by a LONG shot) that I’ve ever had. Plus, it gets along perfectly with my Apple PowerBook G4. Can’t say enough good things about the phone.

3. Scottrade.

Good value, easy to use website, and a real blessing after TD Waterhouse gave me the screw. TD Waterhouse Bank apparently was a casualty of the TD Ameritrade merger. A few weeks ago, I got a letter in the mail indicating that the Bank had closed. Just like that. My investment account was fine (as it well should be for $25 a month), but the bank part of TD Waterhouse folded. I could, however, complete a stack of forms to transfer my account to TD Banknorth. Interesting strategy, but um, again, no thanks. What really sucked: I just had $50 worth of new checks printed for the account. Well needless to say, just like Sprint, TD Waterhouse watershed me as a customer — forever.

4. Wegmans New Labels.

Wegmans appears to be quietly replacing all of their in-store and on-shelf signage. Along with this update, Wegmans in-house brand packages have received a makeover. I’m wondering if there is a larger rebranding effort behind the label redux. In any case, it looks good, Danny. Keep it coming.

5. JetBlue Buffalo to Boston.

Finally. Makes me proud to be a shareholder (full disclosure…) New planes, new routes. Good work.

6. Patriot Guard.

Last but definitely not least, a shout out to some real Americans. Talk about good work! Wow. Nice job folks. Now that spring is here, make sure to keep an eye out for our friends on bikes. Wave next time you see one.

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