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The Design Exchange in Toronto has put together a fantastic lineup of Universal Design workshops for the 2007-08 season. The next is coming up soon! Register now while there is still time! Go to DX.org for more information and to register.

October 15, 2007
Universal Design and Profitability
with Rama Gheerawo, Helen Hamlyn Centre Research Centre, Royal College of Art, United Kingdom
1-5pm, DX ($75)

Older people hold most of the financial assets in the developed world yet receive minimal amount of advertising. I will talk about the rise of the pensioner, go through some historical and factual data but also probe the subtler changes that are taking place and look at pre-pensioners, the young-old and the old-old categories of consumer.
Rama Gheerawo

This workshop aims to identify a set of tools to enable designers and business managers to work together to design socially responsible products while still maintaining an economic corporate advantage. Rama Gheerawo will be joining us from London to discuss specific case studies and examples of work done with corporate clients including Audi Design Foundation, Philips Design and Research in Motion. Examples of packaging work done with clients from the supermarket and retail sectors to the medical industry in light of the growth of pensioner power will be discussed.

This workshop will have two sections. The first talks about Universal Design as an ideology and expounds its relevance to societal trends with particular focus on the older consumer. The second will look at Inclusive Design as practice with a focus on the work completed with industry partners and the Helen Hamlyn Research Centre. Gheerawo will focus on the Centre’s methodology and unveil the five steps used by the Centre to innovate through Universal Design.

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