Use YOUR Nuclear Option!

Who’s yo’ daddy?

China is yo’ new daddy. Not only have Chinese companies for years been poisoning our food, selling shoddy consumer goods (that Americans gladly buy becuase they are slightly cheaper than goods produced in the US, primarily because they are produced in sweatshops by slave labor), and pirating Western software and intellectual property. Now, the Chinese government has come out with a VERY SHARP reminder that they now own the US economy. What’s a bit more scary, is that the Chinese government not only has the power to manipulate the US economy, but the newly announced plan is to hold the US consumer hostage — essentially, buy Chinese goods, and stop whining about quality, lead paint, fake glyceryn, and melamine OR we’ll bring your economy to its knees.

I honestly wonder if the US public understands the gravity of this so called economic “nuclear option”? Maybe when folks can’t afford to buy cheap shit at Wal*Mart, they’ll finally wake up, and pay attention as to why. I say, use YOUR nuclear option: make it a household rule if you can’t buy goods made in the US or EU, buy from friends in Japan, India, Laos, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, S. Korea, or even better yet, Taiwan.

So kids pick your poison:

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