Verizon Makeover

Verizon desperately needs a brand makeover. I’ve posted on this before, but the Verizon brand is just hopelessly uncool. The current Verizon logotype is horrible… and I’m going to venture a guess: the reason it’s in italics, is because if you stare at the word verizon in Roman type long enough, it will make you dyslexic. Really, it will. Try it.

Here’s a sample of some of the world’s better mobile corporate identities.



Orange (my favourite)

Verizon is part owned by Vodaphone… not bad, but a little 21st century 3d-ish decoration

… and then the current Verizon logo

Here’s what I propose: Verizon needs to dump the sub-brand approach. I don’t care if it’s Wireless, FiOS, POTS, or whatever, I want to deal with one company.

Just a quick mockup… reminiscent of the coiled phone cable, but still visually just cool. It’s clean, lots of white space, and reinforces a holistic identity. For a 30-second sketch, it’s infinitely better than what they’re currently serving up.


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