Wow. Whacky George Pataki has been Governor of Ne…

Wow. Whacky George Pataki has been Governor of New York for what seems to be decades — I remember, my good friend Mark was a page in Albany during college, and he used to tell some funny stories about George. Ah, the good old days! Well, my friends, the time has come to elect a new emperor, and the time is none too soon.

Over the last 15,000 years that Whacky Pataki has been our Governor, the quality of life in the Empire State has plummeted. A recent white paper released by the Institute for Regional Growth and Urban Governance spells out the grim economic numbers for Upstate — and you know, to put it directly: after 15 years in office, there’s no excuse. George, if you had done NOTHING, we’d be in better shape than we are today. Not that Mario did a good job either, but hey, who’s keeping score?

So anyhow, today, I come home to find a check in the mail (literally) from the State of New York. $124.35. Some rebate on property taxes that I paid last year. Apparently, as the note along with the check noted, “as part of Gov. Pataki’s Tax Relief program, the enclosed check” is a rebate on the absurdly high property taxes that I paid last year.

Come on. Is this for real? When does Ed McMahon pull up with the balloons and BIG check? Give me a break.

Way too little, way too late, George. Does anyone seriously think that $125 is going to change anything? How about — after 15 years — controlling the rise in our proprety taxes, the rise in our sales tax, and the stress on our local governements? How about a $60,000 refund check for the unfair hike in SUNY tuition that I’m STILL paying for? How about giving back that 22% of every phone bill that I’ve paid over the last 15 years? How about coughing up some of the tax that I pay on gas, I mean, after all, New York collects the highest per gallon gas tax in the country. Surely, you can spare a bit more?

Or, how about if I take my $125 check and give it to the woman living down the street from me that works 3 jobs to pay the rent but makes too much to qualify for Child Health Plus, and so her kids go without healthcare?

The check is a cheap political trick, George, and you should be ashamed. Eliott, take notice: be responsible, and the rest will follow.

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