Wow x2.

I have few heroes. I’ve always hated the term — it reminds me of googly-eyed kids in my neighborhood that stood around the front porch discussing which superhero is better than the next. A pointless exercise, I felt, because they were all imaginary characters anyhow.

The term faded from my vocabulary until the first Gulf war, at which point anyone that had anything remotely to do with any kind of military anything became a “hero”. Fast forward to 9/11, and the talk of heros, and I had enough. The term was empty and meaningless, and encapsulates little but googly-eyed awe.

Today, I stand corrected. I have a hero. Her name is Naomi Klein. I’ve recently read her book, The Shock Doctrine. She is my hero. If you know me, you have heard me endlessly talking about this book. You’ve also heard me say that in all of the reading I’ve done, it’s hands down the most important book of our generation. I’m continually impressed by Ms. Klein, and I respect her fearless forage for truth and justice. She’s my hero, and I’m googly-eyed.

For those of you that aren’t inspired to read the book, watch this short film:

Then order the book here: Shock Doctrine

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