WTF: Watch Cops Abuse Disabled Man

File this under, WTF.  I’m not one to use the F word frequently but, wow.  Florida really is a place onto itself.  First watch this:

This is over a traffic violation  I’ve just about had it.  I’m SO sick of cops pulling people over and taking advantage of the average citizen.  The other day I was on my way to work, and a Monroe county sheriff blew off a red light at about 70MPH.  A block later, a Rochester City cop pulled over a young black man, assumedly for a traffic violation (I’d bet it wasn’t, but that’s just me.)  The cop was thoughtful enough to block two lanes of traffic.  Now.  Think about that for a second.  What sense does that make.  If indeed, the cop is pulling someone over, it is as a guardian of the public safety. Blocking two lanes of traffic and creating a traffic jam does not public safety make.  These incidents are not isolated, and cops must be held accountable. Contact the Hillsborough County Sheriff online at: and the County Commissioners at These police — all five of them in the room — should be shitcanned. Treating another human in this way is simply unconscionable.

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  1. This is absolutely appalling. I have never seen anything so terrible. This demonstrates the ignorance of the Hillsborough County Police Department, and is an embarrassment itself to the institution. Another reason why the average citizen has ill feelings towards the police.

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