WTF: Watch Cops Abuse Disabled Man

File this under, WTF.  I’m not one to use the F word frequently but, wow.  Florida really is a place onto itself.  First watch this:

This is over a traffic violation  I’ve just about had it.  I’m SO sick of cops pulling people over and taking advantage of the average citizen.  The other day I was on my way to work, and a Monroe county sheriff blew off a red light at about 70MPH.  A block later, a Rochester City cop pulled over a young black man, assumedly for a traffic violation (I’d bet it wasn’t, but that’s just me.)  The cop was thoughtful enough to block two lanes of traffic.  Now.  Think about that for a second.  What sense does that make.  If indeed, the cop is pulling someone over, it is as a guardian of the public safety. Blocking two lanes of traffic and creating a traffic jam does not public safety make.  These incidents are not isolated, and cops must be held accountable. Contact the Hillsborough County Sheriff online at: and the County Commissioners at These police — all five of them in the room — should be shitcanned. Treating another human in this way is simply unconscionable.